Summer 2018 Neon Collection


Debut collection for Static Lacquer. Contains six watermarbling neon creams with names inspired by the song The Afterglow by the band Silverstein. I wanted to find a song that I really liked but fit these colors really well and I found it in the afterglow. All colors are black light reactive.

- I Can See the Sunset is a neon pink with a hint of orange.
- The Afterglow is a neon yellow orange.
- Counting Stars & Satellites is a neon yellow green.
- Time Won’t Change It is a neon blue based green.
- Caught in the Undertow is a deep neon blue with a hint of purple.
- Freeways Like Paradise is a neon reddy purple.

Please note that cameras don't like to capture neons that well. These pictures are as close to what they actually look like.

Swatches provided by the lovely @aloominious, @ mannasmanis, @nails_by_courtney.s, & @rightonthenail be sure to follow them on Instagram and check out their blogs.